Top 5 Best Green Paint For Bedroom In 2022: No 1 Is Amazing

Whether you are an amateur or a professional painter, you want the place to look vibrant and welcoming. A cooking hobbyist might like green cabinets with a flower arrangement. In contrast, an introvert would like the room painted green to represent a powerful presence of calmness. The room is a mirror to your personality and taste. It must represent you, and you choosing the correct color will help you achieve that. A fresh coat of green is precisely what you needed to liven up your room. Remember to choose a shade that complements your entire house too.

The best green paint for bedroom is a color of renewal. It will energize you and will help you feel grounded in a fast-paced life.  The green shade will definitely inspire you.

Comparison Table Of Top 5 Green Paint For Bedroom






KILZ TRIBUTE Interior Matte Paint

6.63 x 6.63 x 7.76 inches

12.5 pounds



Diamond Brite Paint

6.5 x 8.5 x 6.5 inches

11 pounds



Microblend Interior Paint

10 x 10 x 10 inches

10.17 Pounds


Numerous finishes

Glidden Interior Paint

7.76 x 7.03 x 6.7 inches

10.31 Pounds


Numerous finishes

Chalkboard Blackboard Paint

3 x 3 x 3 inches

10.9 ounces



Here Are Top 5 Green Paint For Your Bedroom

Top 5 Best Green Paint For Bedroom Reviews

1.KILZ TRIBUTE Interior Matte Paint

This paint is manufactured to provide a subtle matte finish that will flatten the imperfections of the surface. The paint will cover medium stains and light to dark changes. The shade in Statue Green, with its weathered and mature finish, is guaranteed to beautify your home without burdening your wallet. The paint can be applied to prepared or uncoated wood, masonry, drywall, and plaster surfaces. However, the surface must be cleaned to eliminate grease, chalk, rust, and mold. 

Mix the paint well before use to ensure proper consistency. The manufacturer is an expert in paint production with over four decades of experience and was named the Best Paint Brand of the Year in 2015. The sample is available in 8 ounces tubes. The sample paint is also available in peel and stick sheets so you can pick the most fitting color.


●The paint is a matte finish.
●The paint is low in VOC content.
●The paint is acrylic based on the modern technology of primer-and-paint into one.
●The paint is long-lasting.
●The paint is resistant to mildew
●The paint applies with a brush or rollers and covers up to 400 sq. ft.

2.Diamond Brite Paint

These rich and bright colors are available in seven colors with their semi-gloss finish. The colors are vibrant with even consistency to ensure maximum coverage in one swipe. The exciting feature of this formula as coverage appears when the paint is drying means, you must wait for the previous coat to dry completely to assess the surface's coverage. The paint will dry in less than 30 minutes. However, the pastels would need additional coats to appear vibrant. All paints are ISO9002 certified in manufacturing paints.

Shake the paints well before use. Use a stir stick or paddle to make sure that the loose particles do sink to the surface of the paint. The paint must be consistent and must not pill at the time of application. The better the quality of the applicator, the better the result the paint will yield.


●The paint is manufactured with a deep tone and D base formula
●The paint can be applied to aluminum, plaster, drywall, and brick surfaces.
●The paint also applies beautifully to cabinets and trims in the kitchen and cabinets.
●The paint is resistant to grease and dirt.
●The paint carries a low odor.
●The paint can be rolled, sprayed, or brushed.

3.Microblend Interior Paint

Microblend paints are the only on-demand paints. As soon as the order is received, the paint machine dispenses raw materials of colorants, additives, liquids, and acrylic resins into a bucket. The bucket is shaken well and tested with a spectrophotometer to assess the consistency in every bucket.

This is to ensure the same color appears on the initial coat as well as the touch-ups later. The paint provides durability, coverage, hides imperfections, and is guaranteed to exceed the customer's expectations. The paint will offer a luxurious finish to your walls, and the exterior formula offers UV protection as well.

The paint blocks staining contaminants and rust inhabitants, so they do not penetrate the paint layer. Prime the surface well to remove the dirt, grease, and dust off the surface. This is an essential step in the painting process.


●This paint Veggie Green is available in one, two, and five-gallon and quart containers.
●The same paint is available in eggshell, satin, gloss, flat, and semi-gloss finish.
●The paint is of professional quality.
●The paint is low in VOC content.
●The paint provides a silky and luxurious finish.
●The paint is a water-based acrylic that will harden perfectly to resist staining and scrubbing.

4.Glidden Interior Paint

Glidden paints offer a premium paint finish in just one swipe. This will save time and money, and the premium formula means fewer painting coats are needed to beautify the walls and rooms. The paint can also withstand a few cleaning. The full curing time of the paint is 720 hours. The paint hides stains and bumps on the surface exceptionally well. A 2.5 inch angled brush will work cohesively with the paint for precise and trim work. The roller is flat to cover the larger surfaces easily. 

You can spread the paint using the W pattern onto the wall per three square feet sections from the top corner of the ceiling. Spread the paint evenly for a consistent and cohesive result. Let the initial coat dry before moving on to the next coat. No one likes a clumped-up paint job!


●This green paint is for interior use only.
●The paint is available in flat/matte, eggshell, and semi-gloss finish.
●The paint is available in one gallon and one-quart containers.
●The paint does not carry any smell.
●The paint is low in VOC content.
●The numerous finishes make the paint room suitable for the bathroom, nursery, and bedroom.

5.Chalkboard Blackboard Paint

This paint is designed to provide you with the perfect surface for the blackboards. The paint will transform used blackboards into a brand new surface to work. The paint can be used for fun art projects such as calendars, bulletin boards, poster boards, mini-signs, and bistro chalkboards to attract the customers inside. The paint is for interior and exterior use only. It can be applied with a paintbrush and a roller and spreads evenly on the surface. The paint is washable and non-flammable.

It also dries in a speedy time of only 15 minutes. To provide a general idea of the coverage, a quarter of the paint is still left over after painting two coats on a blackboard of two by six feet. To ensure smooth results, prime the surface. Spot clean the bumps and ensure there is no dust or dirt left on the surface.


●The paint is water-based.
●The paint provides a smooth and non-reflective writing surface.
●The paint applies to wood, glass, metal, and plaster surfaces.
●The paint is a matte finish.
●The paint is available in 250 ml and liter containers.
●The paint can be applied to furniture and table surfaces for drawing art decal.

10 Best Green Paint Colors

1)Healing Aloe from Benjamin Moore is a top-notch choice. The color changes throughout the day with its complementary blue undertones.

2)Sea Salt from Sherwin Williams is also a great choice. The paint works exceptionally well with white trims and almond trim at the ceiling.

3)Another great choice is Hollingsworth Green from Benjamin Moor that works best in neutral and open spaces such as the seating lounge.

4)You cannot go wrong with the Liveable Green from Sherwin Williams. This is an excellent choice of green to brighten the room with white trim.

5)A vivid green from Sherwin William is called Clary Sage. The color is perfect for bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

6)Green Smoke from the Farrow and Ball paints is a smoky green that will take you back to the 19th century.

7)Palace Green from Benjamin Moor is Prussian blue that complements whites and yellows.

8)Tate Olive from Benjamin Moor is an olive that complements exterior and interior surfaces.

9)Backwoods from Benjamin Moor offers a cottage green and works well with wall paneling.

10)Lafayette Green from Benjamin Moor is a deep green that is dependent on lighting. It carries a blue undertone and appears teal at times.

Frequently asked questions

What are the most popular green paint colors?

Kelly Green
Forest Green

What shade of green is good for a bedroom?

The best green paints for bedroom is the Soft Fern 2144-40 from Benjamin Moore.

Is Green a good color for a bedroom?

Green stimulates sleep oasis by representing a calming and comforting presence.

What is the most relaxing color to paint a bedroom?

Blue, violet, and pink are among the many bedroom paint colors.

What is the popular paint color of all time?

Pale Gray continues to stay popular.

What color causes anxiety?

The color gray may represent an anxious mood as well as a yellow.

What is the best color to paint a bedroom?

The color Cream makes the room more spacious than it is.

What color relieves anxiety?

Green and sometimes blue help with anxiety.

What color should you not paint your bedroom?



Picking the wrong shade of green is a rarity. Green with blue undertones can provide a soft, muted look to the room that cannot be replaced. Just remember to prime the surface as best as possible, so the paint goes on smoothly. Two coats should get the job done. Happy green painting!

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