Top 10 Best Paint For Canvas In 2022:Pro Tips For Beginners

Canvas has been used by professional artists, novices, and hobbyists for centuries and they've only gotten better with the passing years. It is a heavy-duty fabric that is carefully woven, stretched over a wooden frame, and then firmly stapled at the edges. It provides an ideal surface for painting. These are available in a variety of sizes, textures, fabric, weight, and forms in the market. Selecting the right canvas according to your artwork needs will do wonders.

Best paint canvas is linen as it provides a remarkably smooth surface for professionals and novices to paint on. It is expensive but quite a value for the quality it offers and the finished work it allows. Cotton canvases are also a good option and many of these are crafted in high-quality and offer smooth and durable surfaces. All these canvases offer versatility to suit your artwork style and requirements.

Comparison Table Of Top 05 Paint for Canvas

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Top 10 Best paint For Canvas Reviews

1.Yihui Arts Hand Painted Texture Large Oil Painting on Canvas Flower Wall Art

This ready to hang canvas wall art is a perfect match to your interior, be it home or office. It is hand-painted by professional artists with experience of more than 20 years. The edges of the canvas are also painted fully to blend the artwork and give the scenery a refined look. The textured artwork is surely going to grab the attention of everyone. Available in a variety of designs and sizes for any space, these are painted after carefully stretching the canvas material over the wooden frame. A metal hanger is also attached so you only have to hang the canvas.

Highlighted Features:

●Ready-to-hang artwork
●Painted by professional artists
●Wrapped around a frame to give a gallery exhibit look
●Comes with a money-back guarantee
●Suitable for all interiors

2.Hand Painted Cityscape Modern Oil Painting on Canvas Reflection Abstract Wall Art Decor

This modern cityscape oil painting is very popular in the market. It is hand-painted by professional artists that paint the canvas to perfection. Painted on a canvas where the canvas material is stretched carefully over the wooden frame, this painting is ready to hang artwork.

It is available in multiple sizes and colors and can be customized according to your interior. These customizations can be in any art domain including contemporary artwork, sceneries, reflection artwork, and more. In case of breakage during the transit, the manufacturers resend the new piece or refund the full payment according to your wish.

Highlighted Features:

●Ready-to-hang artwork
●Available in custom sizes and designs
●Popular among the market
●Painted by professional artists
●Wrapped around a frame to give a gallery exhibit look
●Suitable for all interiors

3.Arteza 16x20 Inch Stretched Canvas

These affordable canvases are a good value for art enthusiasts and hobbyists. These are ready to use and the canvas surface is smooth, clean, and acid-free. It allows ease in painting without having broken strokes that result due to uneven surfaces. Neither the canvas nor frame are in pro-grade quality but considering the price, these are excellent for those who want to work on big canvas without having to worry about the cost and these have the perfect size to be mounted on the wall.

Highlighted Features:

●Made from pure cotton
●Well stretched fabric over the canvas
●Pre-primed and ready-to-paint
●Primed with acid-free acrylic gesso
●Comes with a moneyback guarantee

4.Madisi Painting Canvas Panels

These ready-to-use canvases are pre-primed and have a smooth finish that is difficult to crack. Therefore, they allow ease of painting on its acid-free, plain surface. These are made from pure cotton and have a good thickness and quality considering the price. These are a perfect option if you want to practice and refine your skills at an affordable rate. These are also ideal for use by beginners, amateurs, kids, and students. These can also be used for student craft projects.

Highlighted Features:

●Made from pure cotton
●Suitable for all kinds of paint including acrylic, oil, tempera, and gouache
●Well stretched fabric over the board
●Pre-primed and ready-to-paint
●Primed with acid-free acrylic gesso
●Ideal for kid's projects, practitioners, and beginners.

5.Genixart Multi-Pack Painting Canvas Panels

These ready-to-use canvases are pre-primed with a triple layer of gesso. The surface is not easy to crack and can retain surface tension in good condition be it a hot or cold season. Made up of fine yarns of pure cotton that has a medium grain that holds the paint. The canvas panels are carefully stretched evenly and glued over a good-quality MDF backboard. It makes them of professional quality and ready to use by the artists. These canvases are versatile enough to be used by beginners, amateurs, hobbyists, and professionals and provide a surface to be used by various paint media like oil, acrylic, gouache, tempera, and even watercolors.

Highlighted Features:

●Made from pure cotton
●Fabric is woven to a medium grain surface
●It has a good-quality MDF board
●Well stretched fabric over the board
●Pre-primed and ready-to-paint
●It includes a triple layer of primer
●Can be used for various painting media
●Ideal for beginners, amateurs, and professionals.

6.Arteza 12x12 Inch Stretched Canvas

These ready-to-use canvases are made in pure cotton and are pre-primed. They allow versatility in reference to painting mediums. The panel is stretched and attached to wooden bars that make a firm frame. If you're an artist and don't want to compromise on quality with price, then don't hesitate to buy these canvases as they save you from the hassle of wasting time on preparations. You also don't have to sand any imperfections as the surface is relatively smooth. These are also good options for hobbyists and beginners who want to experiment with and refine their skills.

Highlighted Features:

●Pure cotton surface
●Well stretched fabric over the canvas
●Pinewood frame for the fabric to be stapled on
●Pre-primed and ready-to-paint
●Primed with acid-free acrylic gesso
●Comes with a moneyback guarantee.

7.Acrylic Painting Set

This acrylic painting set offers good quality at an affordable price. The canvases are made in pure cotton and the panel is carefully stretched. This allows for a tidy and smooth surface for you to practice your creative skills. The foldable easel is lightweight and easy to carry. It offers good stability to hold your artwork.

The set includes paintbrushes in various sizes and styles that are suitable to meet the needs of all artists. The paints are bright and versatile enough to be used on multiple surfaces. The plastic palettes are lightweight, durable, and provide enough surface area for you to mix colors.

Highlighted Features:

●Includes a wooden easel, 3 canvas panels, 3 palettes, 3 packs of paintbrushes, and 2 packs of acrylic paints. Wow!
●Surface fabric is made in pure cotton
●Well stretched fabric over the board
●Durable plastic palettes
●Palettes provide enough area for mixing colors
●Paints offer bright colors
●Foldable and adjustable wooden easel
●Easel is lightweight and easily portable
●Easel adjusts canvas art up to 14” high

8.GOTIDEAL Stretched Canvas

These canvases are an excellent value for the price. These are made in pure cotton with a medium grain that holds the paint well. The pre-primed panel is tightly stretched with no sagging. The surface is acid-free, smooth, and flawless making it easy and interesting to work on. These versatile canvases that can be used for various painting mediums are a good option for amateur artists. These are highly recommended for those who are refining their skills and want to make no compromise on quality with price.

Highlighted Features:

●Canvas surface is made in pure cotton
●Fabric is woven to a medium grain surface
●Suitable for multiple media including acrylic and oil paints, watercolors, tempera, and gouache
●Primed with acid-free titanium gesso

9.11 X 14 Inch Stretched Canvas

These canvases are crafted for use by every type of artist, be it professional or an amateur. At an affordable price, this is a reliable product that comes with tightening keys unlike other canvases of more cost. Made in fine quality, these are pre-primed and ready to use. These are a great option for student projects, kid's birthday parties, and experimentation. If you're not a super serious painter, these canvases are a good value for the price, quality, and versatility they offer.

Highlighted Features:

●Canvas surface is made in pure cotton
●Pre-stretched and firmly attached to the frame
●Suitable for acrylic and oil painting
●Available in standard sizes for framing
●Ideal for use by students, practitioners, and kids projects

10.Artlicious Canvas Panels 12 Pack

These are traditionally crafted canvases with panel edges turned over a multiple binder board. These are made in pure cotton that is handwoven and special care is taken at every step of fabrication. These are pre-primed with an acrylic gesso that is suitable for painting in any medium.

These are built with stability and in high-quality making them a perfect choice to be used by beginners, amateurs, hobbyists, and artists. These are also suitable for student projects. If you're looking for a canvas for which you don't have to worry about preparations and get straight to work, all these at an affordable price and good quality, then this is your ultimate solution.

Highlighted Features:

●Canvas fabric made from pure cotton
●High-quality boards
●Pre-primed and ready-to-use
●Suitable for oil, acrylic, and tempera paints
●Acid-free primer

Canvases for Acrylic Painting Buyer’s Guide

For centuries painters have been using canvases for their artwork. It is the painting surface of choice for professionals and beginners alike. Choosing the right canvas for your artwork is very important and there are few things to consider while selecting one.


Canvases are generally available in two types of fabric; linen and cotton. Linen is considered the best but it is expensive due to the quality, surface, and durability it provides. A cotton canvas is also a good option since it is comparatively affordable and provides good surface quality and durability too.


Consider how the fabric is woven together as different textured surfaces work differently for artworks. A smooth surface is well suited for detailed artwork while a rough surface is good for bigger brush strokes.

Primed or not primed

For the artwork to show its original colors and prevent absorption of paint that can change the way how a painting can look when completed, most canvases are primed with some medium. In most cases, it is done through gesso, a mixture of chalk, pigment, glue, and plaster of Paris. The majority of canvases are ready-to-use pre-primed, while some canvases are available in unprimed surfaces. Some artists who want to give a dull look to the painting prefer unprimed canvases.

Primer material

Gesso gives a smooth and shiny finish to the canvas surface. When looking for a good primer, consider an acid-free gesso as it holds the paint better and for a longer duration. Even if you are working with a primed canvas, apply your layer of primer to adjust the smoothness of the surface according to your type of artwork.

Quality of wood

To those who are up for hanging their artwork for decades or even further, consider the quality of the wooden frame used in the canvas, as it affects the stability of the canvas. Furthermore, it might also have an impact on the stretching or sagging property of the fabric as the fabric is pinned to it. Oakwood is considered the best of all.  

Tips on how to prepare your canvas for painting

●Slightly wet the canvas surface and its edges with a sponge soaked in water.

●Stir well the gesso

●Pour the required amount in a cup and close the container cap as it dries out very fast.

●Dilute the gesso by adding up to 20% of water as it will easily penetrate the canvas fabric making it easier to spread.

●Using a brush, evenly spread the gesso on the canvas with horizontal strokes from left to right and back.

●Let it dry thoroughly. It dries within an hour and you can start painting but it is better to keep it overnight.

●For checking if gesso has dried, slightly touch the canvas and if it's still cold then it means that it hasn’t dried yet.

●Clean the spills if any, with a wet cloth or towel immediately as dried gesso is not water-soluble and is difficult to clean.

●Once the gesso is dried, you can lightly sand the surface before brushing another layer if required. Make sure to clean the surface after sanding.

●For an additional layer repeat the drying and sanding steps between every coat.

●If you want a textured surface, skip the sanding process to get an uneven surface.

●The canvas is ready for painting once it is dried.

Paint canvas

Types of Paint Canvas

Oil canvas

This canvas is primed with zinc white that is bounded by linseed oil and put to be dried. It takes about three days for it to naturally dry in the air. Afterward, a coating layer based on titanium white is applied to it and again it is allowed to dry for almost ten days.

Absorbent canvas

This canvas is primed with two layers of chalk that are bounded by glue. Since this primer is water-based so it can be dried in an oven where water easily evaporates leaving the surface dry.

Universal canvas

This canvas undergoes the same treatment as an absorbent canvas with a difference in primer layer that is of titanium white instead of chalk.


Cotton canvas

The fabric of this canvas is made up of cotton. It is the most common type of canvas which is affordable and offers versatility as well. It comes in different weaves and weights. Weaves refer to how tightly the fabric is woven while weight refers to the heaviness of canvas. This canvas type is preferred by amateurs and professional artists equally. One downside of cotton canvas is that the might get become saggy and need to be stretched again. If it happens, spraying the backside of canvas with warm water and letting it dry will help taking care of minor stretching.

Linen Canvas

The fibers of this canvas are made from flax plant that contains natural oils due to which it is mildew resistant. It is comparatively expensive than cotton canvases and has better stability due to which they are less prone to be stretched. Linen canvas requires strong bars to prevent sagging. It is available in various weights and textures. The textures range from smooth to rough. This canvas is an ideal option for palette knife painting and textured artwork. The smooth surface of linen makes it ideal for detailed work too.            


Stretched canvas

In this canvas, the fabric is stretched over a wooden frame. The frames come in various sizes and thicknesses. The thickness is selected based on how the painting will be displayed. If it is to be framed then a traditional thickness works fine while if detailed artwork is to be done on the edges of an unframed painting, then a thick frame is better. It is one of the most common types of canvas and if you intend to hang your artwork then this is a ready-to-mount option once the painting is completed and dried.

Canvas Panels

In this canvas, the primed cotton fabric is mounted on a high-quality rigid board. These are comparatively less expensive than stretched canvases and are lightweight making them easier to carry. These are a good option for beginners and students who wish to extensively practice and refine their painting skills.

Canvas Pads

Canvas pad includes sheets of primed canvas that are spiral-bound to a book just like in a sketchbook. The sheets can be mounted or stretched. These are less durable than a stretched canvas and are ideal for use by beginners and students for practice.

Canvas Rolls

It consists of rolled sheets of cotton or linen that may be primed or unprimed. These are available in different weaves, weights, and textures and are usually sold by the yard making it an expensive option. It is ideal for experienced artists who like to stretch and prepare their own canvas or want to create a big painting.

Tips and Tricks for Using Canvas

●Stretch the canvas but if yore using a pre-stretched one then you’re good to the next step.

●Prime the surface. It is usually done through gesso that is available in various types depending upon the type of paint it is to be used with.

●Give a tonal background to the canvas and set its mood according to the artwork.

●Set up the canvas with the easel, on a table, or as you please to work.

●Set up the art supplies near the canvas for a hassle-free painting experience.

●Choose appropriate brushes according to the paint medium. For instance; watercolor brushes won’t work well with oil paints. Therefore, specifically designed acrylic or oil pain brushes will be a better option.

●Create an underpainting or make an initial sketch of the painting as it will direct your artwork.

●Adjust the colors appropriately because not all paints dry to give the same color. Oil paints usually dry to the same color but the acrylics can get darker. So it is important to mix the colors accordingly considering the finished artwork.

●You can also experiment with a medium by adding it to oil or acrylic paints since it gives interesting effects to the painting and is designed to be used on a canvas. You have a lot of options to choose from high gloss to matte finish.

●Make sure that you keep your canvas in a safe spot to dry because any minor encounter by the hand or an object can result in a ruined painting and a messy cleanup.

Frequently asked questions:(FAQs)

What is the best canvas brand?

According to market stats, Blick and Arteza are among the most popular canvas brands.

Which paint is best to use on canvas?

Both acrylic and oil paints are best to be used on canvas due to their consistency and ease of work. Acrylic paints dry comparatively faster in comparison to oil paints on a canvas. A primed surface is ideal for acrylics as it brings out the best in them.

What canvas do professional artists use?

Linen canvas provides an ideally smooth surface for professional artists to work on. But they can choose to work on high-quality cotton canvas as well depending upon the texture and requirements of their artwork.

How do I choose a canvas for painting?

While choosing a canvas, always consider your needs regarding the artwork and then examine the quality and texture of the surface that suits it well.

What can I use instead of canvas?

Hardwood panels, paper, paper for acrylics, glass, cardboard, and MDF are some comparatively affordable substitutes of a canvas.

Can you paint without a canvas?

Yes, you can paint on any surface as long as it provides adhesion for the paint to stick. Only you’ll have to make minor preparations like priming the surface in case of acrylic paints so the paint doesn't seep in case of an absorbent surface.

Should you paint a canvas White first?

Painting the canvas white first will allow other colors to be prominent and retain their originality. In the case of a white primer like acrylic gesso, you don’t have to paint it white again.

Can I paint on canvas without stretching it?

Yes, you can paint on a canvas without stretching as pre-primed canvases are already stretched. Just make sure that the canvas is stretched enough to have no sags or ripples.

Should you stretch a paint-by-number canvas before painting?

It is always better to stretch a paint by number canvas before painting, so it can provide a surface that makes working on it easier and will also hold the paint better

How do you hang an unframed canvas?

An unframed canvas can be hanged on a wall by installing wire hooks yourself and by using nails. It can also be leaned against a wall over a shelf.

Does Michaels frame canvas?

Yes, Michaels is famous for providing custom framing solutions for artworks and painting canvases. They offer services both online and in-store.

Do you need to prime canvas for acrylic paint?

- Yes, it's necessary to have a primer on the canvas before using acrylics.
- No, it is not necessary to prime canvas with acrylic paint.
- I don't know


A blank canvas forms the basis of any masterpiece but selecting the right one is quite a thing. Even when you’re sure of what kind of artwork you will create, only the right canvas will allow you to do it. Among many other painting surfaces, the canvas is the most popular because of its stability and longevity. Therefore, while selecting the best paint canvas, always consider your artwork requirements and the quality of the canvas.

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