Top 8 Best Paint For Pumpkins With Toddlers In 2022

Some consider painting a pumpkin a seasonal and Halloween-related activity. That is simply not true. Using a toothbrush as a paintbrush has its benefits. The painting is an easy activity for the kids without any harmful attributes.The autumnal decoration is a great time to socialize and have friends over. Not to mention you get a decor at the end. However, choosing the correct form of paint for pumpkin painting matters. Choose the wrong paint, and the hard work will either wash off or would appear mudded. We do not want that! The pumpkin art is always eye-catching that results from a group fun activity.

Best paint for pumpkins is acrylic-rich paint that provides maximum coverage. They are not oil-based and do not take long to dry. These painted, fun, orange objects will surely add a festival look to the decor.

Comparison Table of Top 8 paint For Pumpkins 





Number of pieces

Magicfly Liuid Poster Paint Set

8.5 x 7.2 x 3.7 inches

5.85 pounds

2 fl. Oz.


The Best Crafts Paint Jar Set

9.56 x 7 x 1.5 inches

1.71 pounds

15 ml.


Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Set

13.89 x 8.39 x 1.38 inches

3.04 pounds

59 ml.


U.S. Art Supply Tempera Paint Set

12.5 x 11 x 2.75 inches

1 pound

2 fl. Oz.


Glow in the Dark Acrylic Paint Set

5 x 3.94 x 1.3 inches

6.5 ounces

20 ml


Colorations Washable Tempera Paints

6.65 x 6.46 x 6.26 inches

4.34 Pounds

8 fl. Oz.


Niutop Paint Markers

11.8 x 7.6 x 0.35 inches

7.2 ounces

0.7 mm tip


Handy Art Tempera Paints Set

16 oz.

473 mil.


Here Are Top 8 Paint For Pumpkins With Toddlers

Top 8 Best paint For Pumpkins Reviews

1.Magicfly Liquid Poster Paint Set

The paint type of these paints is tempera that carries a non-toxic base. The paints are rich in pigment and categorized into three categories. The paints have undergone strict quality assurance to satisfy the customer’s safety.

 Before opening the paint tube, the customer must shake it well. The customer must then remove the cap and peel off the seal. The only step left is to pour out your imagination and let the creativity soar. The paint can be applied with sponges or three brushes that arrive in the paint set. The painting set is intended to be used in group and team activities, parties, classrooms, and art projects.

The paints do not fade, so your hard work lasts for a very long time. The easy wash ability of the paint makes it easier for kids. No mess, no fuss! The paints can also be mixed together to create custom shades for pumpkin painting. 


  • The painting set arrives in 30 colors.
  • The colors are rich and vibrant.
  • The colors include glitter, metallic, and neon variety.
  • The colors can be easily cleaned off of textiles and skin.
  • The painting set is safe for adults and children alike.
  • Each paint arrives in an easy-squeeze tube.

2.The Best Crafts Paint Jar Set

This acrylic paint can efficiently work on numerous surfaces to accommodate your artwork. The jar paint set is designed to prevent leakage and damage in transit or on use. The jar may get damaged in transit due to thermal expansions or obstructions until deliverance.

 Therefore, the manufacture can be contacted for replacement or reimbursement. The paints can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water after they have dried. The paints comply with ASTM D4236 and EN71 safety standards. The set arrives in 24 bright colors and includes primary, metallic, and macron color shades. The colors maintain their buttery consistency throughout the brush stroke.

On the exterior surfaces, the colors stay vibrant for almost two weeks. The paints are made in China and can be used to paint bottles. A white paper tab marks a seal that may be removed upon use. The heat may liquidize the consistency, so be careful when opening the jars.


  • The paints are fluid and rich in pigment.
  • The paints work well on many surfaces such as stone, fabric, and more.
  • The paints are water-based.
  • The paints are non-toxic.
  • The recommended age of use is above three years.
  • The paints can be used for children, adults, and professionals.

3.Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Set

The painting set aims at providing a matte finish to the artwork to accommodate every level of expertise. The paints can be used for illustration and calligraphy as well. The painting set makes attractive paintings and can also be used to accentuate home decor.

The paints mix well with each other to create shades on fabric, canvas, and other surfaces. The paints are made in china, and bottles are manufactured in the USA. The outcome of the paints can be manipulated by diluting water.

The intention behind this product is to appeal to the customer. Its imagination with the vibrancy and remarkable consistency of the paint set. The paints work best on pumpkin surfaces, and maximum coverage is provided by two coats. The same can be applied to wooden surfaces. The paints are priced moderately. The painting set offers primary colors in various shades to be mixed together to create new shades. 


  • The painting set carries must-have 16 shades of colors.
  • The colors are intended for numerous forms of arts and crafts projects.
  • The paints are acrylic and non-toxic.
  • The paints can be used for illustrations, card-making, and animation.
  • The paints are water-based and dry fast.
  • The paints can be used by amateur and professional painters.

4.U.S. Art Supply Tempera Paint Set

The paints come with a multi-purpose use to let the imagination soar on many surfaces. The paints can be easily cleaned with soap and water solution after they have dried. The wet paint will smear everywhere.

The painting set comes with 18 primary shades, six neon shades, and seven pearl shades. The paints can be mixed together to create new shades with custom finishes. The paint is recommended to be used by children above three years. Tempera paint can be easily washed by a delicate wash cycle.

The pearl shades are very pleasing to the eye. Still, like every shade in the set, the colors provide maximum coverage with reliable consistency. The neon paint can be used to create shading in the artwork to provide a three-dimensional look. The shimmery shades are popular among the kids, while the adults prefer the neon color schemes to introduce dimensions. 


  • The paint comes in 18 vibrant shades,
  • The paints are washable.
  • The paints are non-toxic, safe, and easy to use.
  • The paints can be used by students and teachers, and kids.
  • The paints can be used to create posters and art projects.
  • The colors are easy to apply as well.

5.Glow in the Dark Acrylic Paint Set

This one-of-a-kind, glow in the dark paint set comes in shades of red, blue, pink, orange, and many other colors. The luminosity of these paints displays brightly in the dark.

The colors are thoroughly tested under brightness, longevity, and other attributes to provide you with the best experience. The paints are strong enough to display their neon effect in the daylight. The paints work beautifully on walls, paper, and other material surfaces.

The painting set will personalize the artwork and capture the intellectual audience regardless of the size. This is the perfect addition to festival decoration, accessorizing the garden, or set design in theaters. A white undercoat is advised for use on outdoor surfaces. Use a white primer with two coats of neon paint to create intense vibrancy and glow in the dark. The artwork may be charged with black light, UV tubes, or energy-saving black lights.


  • These paints are designed to be a standalone staple in your art kit.
  • The paints are intended to introduce innovation to your artwork.
  • The colors are designed to glow for hours once charged in the light.
  • The paints are manufactured in Germany.
  • The paints are handmade with great care, so your imagination knows no bounds.

6.Colorations Washable Tempera Paints

These paints carry vibrant and beautiful pigment in one swipe. They can be used for art projects, painting, and crafting. The colors included in the set are green, orange, red, white, and other primary colors. The colors blend very quickly and can be introduced to children to create and explore the artistic world. It will also help children improve their motor skills, which is always a great advantage.

The colors are equally advantageous to artwork when used at home or classroom. The painting set contributes significantly to a craft painting. The paints are intended to be a fun-introducing activity as well.

The tempera paints comply with AP seal and ASTM-D4236 safety standards. The colors are non-toxic and free from latex, casein, and dairy. The colors also do not carry gluten, peanut, and tree nuts, soy, or egg content in its formula. The paints are washable and do not skip or pile up during painting.


  • The colors are manufactured in the USA.
  • The colors come with a rich and creamy finish.
  • The colors can be easily applied to drawing paper, plaster, and cloth.
  • The paints offer smooth consistency that dries to a matte finish.
  • The color can be applied with sponges and brush to create different effects.

7.Niutop Paint Markers

The paint maker set contains 26 colors to reach your artistic dreams. The color selection is based on primary colors that can be mixed together to create custom shades. The pens also come in unconventional colors such as gold, silver, and slink pink.

The pens offer complete customization and a superb finish to your project. The paint can be applied to exterior surfaces such as wood and clay pots. The paint stays put after you have finished painting. The paint is dishwasher-safe and oven-safe. 

The quality of the paints is guaranteed by the company. This is why the paints are popular among all artistry stages; be it amateur, hobbyist, or professional. Let your imagination run free with vibrant color paints applied to plastic, stone, rubber, glass, and ceramic surfaces. The paints are non-toxic and do not carry any odor. 


  • These paint pens come with an extra-fine tip for detail work.
  • The pens are water-based and offer a smooth color flow.
  • The paints are manufacture with premium weather-resistant ink.
  • The paints can be used on ceramic, pumpkin, and glass jar services.
  • The paints can be used as primary colors, spray, or a complementary approach to the artwork.

8.Handy Art Tempera Paints Set

These tempera paints are easily washable as they are intended for finger-painting by toddlers. It is recommended that paints be overlaid with some sort of sealing agent to preserve the hard work done by the children.

These paints come at a great price when compared to the endless convenience. Another fun idea is to mix baking soda to these paints when applied to outdoor surfaces. After pouring vinegar on the drawing, it will mimic coming to life with bright and vivid colors that will surely help the creative sense to grow.

 The paints will expand to become three-dimensional. The paints are bright and come off quickly with a delicate wash cycle of five minutes. They are best for home use, schools, or daycare centers. The paint washes off even more efficiently without soap off the skin, tables, and the brush. However, do not let the paint dry, or it might end up staining.


  • The colors blend well with each other to create custom shades.
  • The colors are opaque in one swipe.
  • The colors maintain their ever-lasting appearance without chipping or cracking.
  • The paints are easy to clean with warm water and soap.
  • The paint is water-based.
  • The paint is intended to be used by children.

09 Steps on How to Paint Pumpkins

1. Choose a pumpkin with a smooth surface with no scratches or blemishes. Assess for soft spots, so it stays in shape longer.

2. The chosen pumpkin must be washed and dry. The moisture must stay away from the top and bottom of the pumpkin.

3. The pumpkin shape must inspire the design. Consider the time-length and the surface area of the pumpkin to choose the design.

4. With the help of a brush, apply a sealant on the surface with a liberal amount. Let the surface dry.

5. Paint the entire pumpkin with one solid color. Do a patch test to assess the quality and longevity of the paint you intend to use.

6. A pencil can be used to trace a pattern onto the pumpkin’s surface. Bind the paper with tape to hold it stable.

7. Paint and fill into the lines using acrylic paint with sponges, swabs, paintbrushes, or cotton balls.

8. Apply a sealant over the design when it has completely dried. Spray a light layer of it over the areas you painted over on the pumpkin.

9. Use glitter, yarn, or craft paper to add dimensions to the design. This can be used to make sequins, ears, or googly eyes.

5 Toddler-Friendly Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin

  • Simple painting is an excellent activity for kids of all ages. It is a creative outlet that improves their motor skills.
  • Another way to decorate the pumpkin is with stickers. These are attractive stick-on stickers that can be bought at the dollar store.
  • Glitter pumpkins are all the rage. They look gorgeous but can be a mess to create. The toddlers may breathe in or eat the delicate confetti.
  • You can glue almost anything to the pumpkin. Button, feathers, tissue, and construction paper can be manipulated.
  • You can also hammer things objects into the pumpkin. Hammering will help the objects stable instead of gluing.

Frequently asked questions: 

What is the proper way to paint a pumpkin?

A base coat must be left to dry for 24 hours before painting the pumpkin.

Can you use washable paint on pumpkins?

Washable paints are water-based and will slide off of wet surfaces. These paints are not recommended for pumpkins.

How do you paint a pumpkin for Halloween?

Use a toothbrush or sponge to dab on the paint after the primer has dried. Apply a sealant to seal in the design. 

How long will a painted pumpkin last?

A painted pumpkin lasts about two weeks.

Can you use finger paint on pumpkins?

Finger paints can be applied to pumpkins. 

What type of paint will stick to pumpkins?

Best pumpkins paint is acrylic or spray paint. 

What kind of paint do you use on pumpkins for toddlers?

Tempera paints are best for toddlers for pumpkin painting. 

Can you use tempera paint on pumpkins?

Tempera paints are one of the options for pumpkin painting.

What's the best way to paint pumpkins for preschoolers?

- Use a stencil and a small brush
- Use finger paints, sponge painting or any other materials you prefer
- Draw a design with chalk first and then paint around it


Involving the whole family in pumpkin painting is a great bonding experience. It will surely inspire to arrange such activities together.  You can use washable paints as they create a minimal mess and wash off easily from kids and fabrics, or just make sure you all wear old clothes. 

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