Top 5 Best Paint For Tool Sai Lineart Settings In 2022

The tools are just as essential as the paint or the surface when it comes to painting. The numerous choices of brushes and tools can improve your look manifolds. The correct tool will not only improve the outlook of your painting but help you realize the correct way to hold and maneuver the tool to its full potential. These tools are designed to pick up the paint easily and mixed well onto the tray. They can be used to create an embossed effect on the mountains or spikes on pine trees. There are endless possibilities to paint manipulation.

It is crucial that the artist stays true to his painting aesthetic. The tools are there to assist the artist, not overpower his efforts. Overcome the pain in Painting.

Comparison Table Of Top 5 Paint For Tool Sai Lineart Settings





Number of pieces

Tool Trio by Heirloom Traditions Paint

9.4 x 7 x 3.5 inches

2.39 ounces

Foam and natural bristles


Artist Paint Brush by DUGATO

10 x 8 x 0.7 inches

9.9 ounces

Wood and nylon


MEEDEN Painting Knife Set

7.48 x 0.39 x 0.78 inches

3.52 ounces

Wood and steel


Ejiubas Clay Sculpting Tools

8.65 x 6.65 x 0.85 inches

2.39 ounces

Silicone and wood


CONDA Palette Knife Painting Set

11.14 x 5.12 x 0.63 inches

4.9 ounces

Wood and stainless steel


Top 5 Best Paint For Tool Sai Lineart Settings Reviews

1.Tool Trio by Heirloom Traditions Paint

This trio is designed to assist you in your painting needs. The set contains 1 synthetic brush, 2 pack sponge applicator, and a foam roller with a disposable tray. The high-quality wood allows for a firm grip of the brush.

In contrast, the high-quality bristles ensure consistent color payoff. The bristles will provide maximum coverage in one swipe unless the paint has been diluted. The paintbrushes are reasonably priced to accommodate hobbyists and professionals alike. The sponges in the paint can help the painter create dimensions with a dabbing motion. The sponges offer easily blend ability with a free hand motion.

The foam roller gathers around the paint and is very useful in painting large flat surfaces. The roller applies paint to tabletops, cabinets, and countertops in a consistent painting swipe. The tray is included in the packaging, so keep it safe. The tray is pivotal to the roller brush application. 


  • The paints are manufactured with high-quality wood and bristles.
  • The synthetic brush will help you roll the paint around with a liberal amount of coat.
  • The sponges will help you dab away the harsh lines.
  • Sponges can help dab or blend the paint in tight and smaller areas.

2.Artist Paint Brush by DUGATO

The well-set brush hairs in this professional brush set do not come out quickly. They are made to stay to assist professional painters with long term use. The set also comes with a mixing knife to create custom color shades.

The brush can be used acrylic, watercolors, and oil-based colors. The brush helps the paint glide beautifully on the face and body. The brush is also a wonderful gift to anyone who is seeking to be a professional artist. Its diversity will help the aspiring artist paint with dimensions by broadening their imaginative horizons.

The brush paint set carries complete satisfaction. Otherwise, a money-back guarantee is guaranteed. The manufacture intends to satisfy the artistic expectations of the customer to the fullest extent. The brush set comes with a travel case for your ease. However, do not let the paint harden on the brushes. This will ruin the quality of the brush. 


  • The painting set arrives in 23 forms of brushes with a different angle, linger, fan, and flat brush.
  • The paintbrush set is intended for professional use.
  • The paintbrushes are homemade with great care and the finest raw materials.
  • The nylon hair is smooth and sealed with aluminum ferrule to hold them firmly.

3.MEEDEN Painting Knife Set

This painting knife set offers a diverse tool selection so you can mix and match and smear the paint across the canvas to create beautiful scenery or abstract shapes. These tools are an extension of your imagination. The knives help in picking up the paint evenly on the paint tray or the canvas. The handles are connected with the knife using blades to ensure the longevity of the application use.

This knife set will help you mix, spread, and scratch paint for a mural or theatrical artwork. The knife set can be by art students, professionals, hobbyists, or art professors. All knives are equally best in quality. The handles of the wooden bars may vary in colors, but that does not represent or compromise the quality of the knife.

In case the customer faces any problems with the product, the customer service is readily available to solve the matter.


  • The well-researched five-piece set offers the artist significant manipulation of the paint.
  • The handles are stainless steel that resists corrosion, primarily acrylic.
  • The knife blades are tempered to apply consistent pressure during painting.
  • The handles ensure the knives are easy to hold and are designed for a comfortable grip during painting.

4.Ejiubas Clay Sculpting Tools

The set contains 10 tools to craft ceramic tools. These tools can be used in fifteen different ways to create innovative clay projects. The five pieces in the toolset come dual-ended for detailed work on your project.

The tools can also help blend and shape soft pastels, clay projects, charcoal, graphite, etc. The angular dotting helps in every kind of working situation. They work best in smoothing clay surfaces. The tools are also beneficial for spreading and cleaning the fluid.

 The manufacturer stands with the customers when it comes to the delivery and performance of the product. In case of any defect or dissatisfaction, the customer can call the manufacturer to sort out the matter. The tips of the tools are made of silicone, so they will not absorb the product or the surface you work on. The tools can be easily cleaned after a nail art, cell phone cases, or body art.


  • The tools offer an indentation option.
  • The smaller tools help in creating meticulous details and reach challenging corners.
  • The bigger tools help in painting in large areas under seconds.
  • The tools carry a flexible tip, so it is one with your fingers.
  • The tips are soft yet manipulate the clay surface effectively.

5.CONDA Palette Knife Painting S

These paint knives set come in 5 pieces. Each knife is individually packed to maintain its shine and sharp edges. The flattened surface helps in picking up the paint smoothly and depositing it onto the tray after. 

The shape also helps in mixing the paint completely without making a mess. The size of each knife varies a few inches, but they are still easy to hold and work with. The knife set is a great gift and offers professional assistance to hobbyists, students, teachers, and expert painters.

The five knives are designed to carry every act possible for painting, so it is easy for you to pick up the tools and translate your imagination onto the canvas. The knives work well with texture, modeling paste, plaster, and gels. These knives will definitely boost your interest and the quality of the painting. The manufacturer also offers reimbursement under 14 days of purchase.


  • The knives are diverse in shape and sizes for applying paint diversely.
  • The knives have been crafted with a stainless blade that is resistant to corrosion and wear.
  • The knives are beneficial in mixing, spreading, and scratching
  • The knives will help shape the colors on your canvas to create dimensions.

Frequently asked questions: 

How do you lineart in Paint Tool SAI?

You can use Ctrl T to transform numerous shapes and sizes of the art. Pressing the Alt key will help you color the selected shape.

What is the best resolution for Paint Tool SAI?

The best resolution is 300 pixel/inch.

How do you make lineart look good?

The various digitizer will mimic painting on the paper to offer you great control. Do not be scared to undo either. 

How do you copy lineart in SAI?

You can copy lineart using Ctrl + J. This is the keyboard shortcut.

How do you duplicate on Paint Tool SAI?

Duplication can be done using Ctrl + J shortcut. After copying, you can paste the selected onto the intended layer.

How can I draw a smooth lineart in Paint Tool SAI?

Use the pen tool to create your line art and use the live paint bucket or fill to color it.
Create your line art with a vector program like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, or Sketch.
Import the image into Paint Tool SAI as an outline and then fill (invert) it using Live Paint Bucket or Fill.


The best paint tool sai lineart settings are at 300 pixel/inch. You can use the keyboard shortcuts to select colors for the shape. Remember to hold a steady art when drawing, and remember, practice makes perfect. For the perfect settings, consult a professional. Learning a new skill takes time. Patience is key.

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