Top 5 Best Red paint Color For Front Door Benjamin Moore In 2022

Painting the front door is adding appeal to your home. Imagine working on your front door one day and transforming it into the talk of the street. Don’t forget it can be done on a budget too. There is a rainbow of colors to choose from, but burgundy red is a great choice to paint the front door. It is a slightly more modern retake on the front door design, and it is representative of a flamboyant personality. It represents you as full of time and a daredevil.  The best red paint color for front door from Benjamin Moore, among others, will significantly improve the look of your house.

Red represents fortune and prosperity in many cultures. Invite these good omens inside your house by painting the door (town) red! You can tweak the red shade to match the look.

Comparison Table of Top 5 Red paint Color For Front Door






KILZ TRIBUTE Interior Paint

6.63 x 6.63 x 7.76 inches

12.5 pounds

1 Gallon

300 square feet

Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint

6 x 6 x 6 inches

3.26 pounds

32 oz.

100 square feet

KILZ Exterior Paint

7.2 x 7.2 x 7.8 inches

12 pounds


300-400 sq. ft.

Rust-Oleum Matte Paint

4.25 x 4.25 x 4.75 inches

3.17 ounces

30 oz.

110-150 square feet per quart

The ONE Paint

9.06 x 6.81 x 6.57 inches

3.79 Tpounds

1 Liter

One coat coverage

Here Are Top 5 Redd Paint for Your Front Door

Top 5 Best Red Paint Color For Front Door Reviews

1.KILZ TRIBUTE Interior Paint

The KILTZ paint is certified and guaranteed to meet a strict criterion of low potency and VOCs for indoor air. The curated colors of hundreds in shades are manufactured and selected by color experts to brighten up your living spaces. The paint is designed to hide and cover while providing light to medium stains’ coverage.

The company has been manufacturing paints for well over 40 years and was named Brand of the Year in 2015. The manufacturer offers a lifetime limited warranty. However, KILZ customer services provide the details on warranty requirements. Samples sizes are available in 8 oz. bottles and peel and stick sheets.

 Mix thoroughly before applying the paint. The surface must be primed to remove rust, previous paint peels, and mold. The paint is manufactured to provide a satin, almost pearl-like finish. The paint can be easily cleaned by a scrubbing motion.


•One gallon of paint covers up to 400 square feet of area.
•The shade of color is a cranberry red that will add a particular flame to your kitchen, dining room, or bathroom cabinets.
•This is paint and primer in one.
•The paint can be applied to uncoated or coated plaster, masonry, or drywall surfaces.

2.Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint

This is liquid wood in a can! The paint will completely transform the wood surfaces with an antique red look—the paint is gel satin and 60% wood. New non-technology makes this paint a hybrid between gel stains and a glaze.

The paint works with most surfaces without sanding as it will absorb into the unfinished wood surface. The paint dries fast in less than an hour. The polyacrylic formula in the paint provides versatile protection from chipping and weathering. The paint is easy to apply, and it maintains its final finish.

Wax is recommended to be applied over the paint for an extra glossy and sheeny finish. The paint is manufactured with premium quality raw ingredients. The manufacturer aims to practice environmentally-sound policies in its business. The paint is specially designed to be applied to furniture and cabinets. The paint carries an acrylic-based formula.


•The paint provides extreme coverage in one to two coats.
•The paint does not require any sanding.
•Priming the surface is not a requirement with this paint.
•The paint is non-toxic.
•The paint offers a chalky, smooth, and silky finish.
•The paint is safe to use indoor with its zero VOC content.

3.KILZ Exterior Paint

The KILTZ exterior paint in red is the perfect blend between high coverage and smooth finish. The paint protects the surface from the outside elements simultaneously, adding beauty and elegance to the surfaces.

The paint is designed for exterior surfaces such as fences and barns. The paint can also be applied to fences, shingles, and the likes. The absorbing hybrid formula provides versatile advantages when applied to outdoor services like masonry, sandy, and stucco surfaces. The paint is resistant to peeling, blistering, and chipping. 

The surface underneath must be cleaned of previous paint peel, glaze, dirt, and debris for a smoother shiny finish. The paint can be applied with a nylon or polyester brush of 3/8th to 3/4th inch nap or an airless spray. The paint is safe around livestock and animals once it has completely dried.


•The paint is water-based oil formula that sticks to the surfaces.
•The formula adds to the longevity of paint wear.
•The paint dries in less than 3 hours. You must wait six to eight hours after to apply the next coat.
•The paint applies with a back-brush and back-roll.
•The paint covers up to 200 square feet area. 

4.Rust-Oleum Matte Paint

The paint in the color Farmhouse Red offers a matt and smooth finish without giving a dry, scaly look to the surface. One gallon of paint covers a maximum area of 150 square feet. The paint easily sticks to the surface.

The customer can even distress the paint to deliver a customized antique look to the surface. The paint ages fine without any chipping or weathering. The paint can also be layered with similar formula in colors to provide a unique look. The paint introduces elegance and class to the home décor without becoming overbearing.

It can also be applied to furniture to make them look as good as new. The paint of the color, as well as the quality, stay true as advertised. The customer can apply a topcoat from Rust-Oleum to seal in the hard work and make it everlasting. The color variety evolves with respect to market trends.


•The paint can be used on numerous surfaces such as ceramic, wood, and canvas.
•The paint is low in odor.
•The latex-formula can be cleaned with warm water and soap.
•The paint dries in less than 30 minutes.
•The paint offers proper adhesion, and minimal prep removes the hassle of numerous painting processes.

5.The ONE Paint

The ONE Paint offers a bright Red. The paint is equally popular among amateurs and professional painters. The paint offers intense coverage in just one swipe. The paint does not require a primer, so it is also less time consuming to paint.

The money and effort saved from not purchasing the primer may be invested in another project towards home improvement. This product is cost-effective and a non-replaceable alternative to expensive paints. The paint is environmentally friendly and dries quickly. 

The paint is applied to interior and exterior surfaces, including metal, plastic, UPVC, bricks, masonry, and glass. Start the paint job by wiping away dirt, peels, and mildew from the surface. The paint is water-based and can withstand low temperatures. The second coat must be applied after one to two hours after the initial paint coat. The paint can be applied by a brush or a spray applicator.


•The paint is a primer and paint in one.
•The paint carries a thick and lustrous formula with maximum coverage,
•The paint does not require a primer or undercoat.
•The paint is a water-based formula and covers 58 sq. per liter.
•The paint is low in VOC.
•The paint is easy to clean with a solution of water and soap. 

What Are The Best Paint Colors for Your Front Door?

•Bright blue represents formality and heritage. The color blue accentuates the architecture of the house. It does not fade into the building; instead is a stand-alone element.

•Green color balances renewal. It blends in the landscape and into the gardens. The different shades of green are attractive green-thumb hobbyists.

•Another earthly tone is a brownish-purple that is inviting by evoking warmth.

•The unconventional yellow door will surely catch your eye. This boosts the outside of the house with a sunny, inviting entrance.

•Do not shy away from a bright orange. It complements the gray exteriors with balances in mood and brightness. 

Frequently asked questions:

What is the best red color for a front door?

Burgundy is an excellent choice for a red front door. It stimulates the eyes and represents your vibrant personality.

Is red a good color for a front door?

Red is a playful choice for the front door. It draws contrast and complements the color scheme of the building.

What is the most popular color for a front door?

The red paint color for front door is from Benjamin Moore. 

What does a red painted front door mean?

Red door means welcome in early American tradition. It was painted to welcome weary travelers with food and rest.

Are red doors out of style?

The red door has become outdated as the people prefer black or wooden front doors.

Are red doors good luck?

Red color does represent good luck in eastern mythology and culture. It brings luck and good fortune to the inhabitants of the house.

Why do you paint your front door red?

I'm a Pisces
I like the color red
It's been that way for generations


Bright colors may seem intimidating. Once the whole look is completed, you might feel that pop of color is precisely what you needed to bring the look together. The front door is an entrance to your humble abode and must represent your personality and taste. Always stay true to yourself. Happy painting!

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