Can You Paint Romex Wire? A complete Guide

Painting is the easiest thing to hide or cover something that you don’t like usually. A wire can also be painted for the mismatched color combination with your decor. But can you paint Romex wire too?

Yes, you can obviously paint a Romex wire. With the right tool and protection, the painting process can be smooth like butter, and you won’t regret any of it that’s guaranteed. However, the working process can take some time if you’re new, but it’ll be a lot easier once you know the steps.

This article will inform you of all factors about the Romex wire painting, if it’s safe or not, how to paint them perfectly, how to follow the steps, and even the extra ways of covering the Romex wire if you don’t like the painting idea!

So let’s get into it very quickly. Shall we?

What Is Romex Wire?

Romex is an electrical conductor which includes non-metallic sheathing for the residential branch wiring purpose. They were also categorized as the underground feeder (UF) by the NEC (National Electrical Code) in 1926 and came into worldwide use in the 1960s.

This wire can run through under floors, walls, attics, and many more. Again, the manufacturing process and standardized label is the main reason why they’re so famous and demandable to everyone!

Difference Between Two-Wire And Three-Wire Non-Metallic Cables

Inside the Non-Metallic Cables, there can be two or three wires. The main difference between them is,

The two-wire cable has two insulated wires that include one white and one black with one copper ground wire

Three-wire cable includes white, black, and red insulated wire with bare ground.

Can You Paint NM-B Wire?

Surely, but for NM-B wires, it’s better to sleeve them with conduit first. After the conduit process, you can paint over them, matching with your home decor.

Or if you think you will just paint them, you can also do that. No worries!

Can You Paint Romex Wire?

You can definitely paint them all by yourself. It’ll be uncomplicated if you use a paint sprayer for painting Romex wire. Also, the aesthetic look you’ll get after the work will be more eye-soothing to your eyes!

Can You Paint Wires In a Basement Ceiling?

Painting your basement wires can be life-changing for you, and we’re not lying at all. No problems will arrive, and you can feel that amazing change after the process.

Just make sure to prime before you paint because priming will allow the paint to stick to multiple surfaces better.

Is It Safe To Paint Over Electrical Wires?

Luckily, painting over electrical wires is one of the safest things to do. You just have to make sure not to paint over the switches or outlets because it can be hazardous. And for additional safety, you can use painter’s tape while you are painting your wires.

How To Tastefully Hide Exposed Romex In Living Areas?

If you want to hide an exposed Romex, then go for the painting session. It’s an effortless and inexpensive thing to do, and your living area will look aesthetically pleasing after you complete the work.

It’s very much needed to know the steps about painting your exposed Romex. Let’s talk about that,

The first and foremost step to paint an exposed wire is preparation. The more prep work you do before your painting session, the more exact result you’ll get.

They include,

Cleaning the Area

You can take a vacuum or mop, whatever you prefer, and clean the ceiling or wall where you have your Romex wire. Cleaning the wire area properly will help the paint to sit perfectly, and they’ll always look amazing!

If the area or the wire has the slightest dirt, you won’t get the perfect finishing of the painting, and it will cause you more trouble afterward.

Fixing the Loose Ends 

Be very careful about fixing the loose ends of the Romex Wire. Make sure everything is in its right place, like where they are supposed to be. All the wires should be secured correctly.

Then, with the Gardner Bender PS-150 Plastic Staple, fix the loose ends of your Romex wire if there’re any of them hanging down.

Again, for the huge area of wires, you can use HMROPE 100pcs Cable Zip Ties and can bundle them easily.

Using Tape for Safety

You obviously don’t want to paint everything around your Romex wire, right? For that, take time to find the switches or the parts you don’t want to paint and use tape over them. This simple task will save you from so many unwanted results.

Moreover, the outlets and connections of your house fuse box should be covered tightly so that the paint cannot get inside them.

Now that you know that it’s okay to paint Romex and the painting steps, you should know if it’s okay to use some equipment for the painting session.

Is It Okay to Paint These Days, Including Romex and Boxes, Using An Airless Sprayer?

Without an airless sprayer, you can’t begin the work. After you finish prepping the room, it’s time to prep for the painting.

For the best outcome, try to learn about the sprayer if you don’t know about it. You can also look at the HomeRight C800766 paint sprayer, which is a great partner for this operation!

Also, the instruction manual will be given with the machine, so you don’t need to worry about anything!

Is Protection Needed While Painting?

As you’ll be using the paint sprayer, you should also get some protective clothing for yourself. Amazon recommends various types of personal protection so you can easily purchase them.

You may need a mask, DuPont TY127S Coverall, and good eyewear for your eye protection (most important).

The coveralls will protect your clothes and skin from the harsh chemicals and the mask will protect you from toxic particles that may enter your airways!

What Color Should I Paint My Romex Wire?

This answer actually depends on your preference and your home decor. If you have white walls, then go for white paints.

But you should paint your wires to that exact color if you have black, gray, or bluish walls. In this way, the wires won’t be visible enough.

How To Cover Exposed Romex?

Well, if you aren’t into covering Romex with painting, then there are other ways to cover them. Either you paint the wires or hide them differently; the first thing is to bundle them. After that, you can use:

Cord Covers

The inexpensive way to cover your Romex wire is the cord covers.

They’re made of plastic, and you can use them whether your wires are connected to the ceiling or the wall. The white Cord Cover Raceway Kit will easily mix up with your white background and look more natural.

Crown Molding

If you want something expensive, then you can go for crown molding. You can use them simply, and the decorative finish will surely satisfy your demands.

Ceiling Tiles

Now, if you want an option where you can easily have access to your wire after they’re covered, then go for Ceilume 12 pc Stratford Ultra-Thin Feather-Light 2x2 Lay-in Ceiling Tiles. You can effortlessly install it and fix it whenever you meet any emergency.

Also, it’s easy to find plenty of other options in the market right now that are super decorative and vintage-looking!

How To Repair Romex Wire?

If your Romex Wire is damaged, it’s better to cut the bad part out and use junction boxes. Not a hard job to do actually, but an expert can help you with that if you need it.

Moreover, you can use electric tapes for temporary usage but try not to as it’s not safe if you have children or pets living with you!

Can You Wrap Romex With Cable Sleeves?

For safety purpose, you can wrap Romex wire up with cable sleeves. Also, the exposed wire can be damaged quickly, so it’s essential to cover them as soon as possible.

Cable sleeves can protect your wire in these ways,

They organize your wires with optimized space.

Cable sleeves prevent wires from coming into contact with the other conductors which can be great for you.

They act as multiple things like protecting your Romex wire from moisture, covering them, changing temperatures and as an element if they’re located outside your home.

However, this process can be pretty expensive if you want them to be done perfectly!

Top 3 Best Romex Wire You can choose

However, if you need some of the best Romex wires, here are a few that are worth mentioning.

1. Southwire Romex Brand Electric Wire 

For easier stripping, pulling, and installation, Southwire is one of the top-notch Romex Wire out there. They’re normally used in residential wiring for switches, outlets, and other loads as brand circuits.

Southwire has 3 conductors, 12 gauge, and 100’ per coil that can be great for your ceiling. Also, the heavy-duty features are like bending rebar, which has a good flex.

The insulation of this Romex wire is thick and tough so you can easily install this one for longer usage!


It’s UL listed NM-B with heavy-duty performance

The wire has 3 conductors and 12 gauges, so it’ll adjust in any place


The quality of the gauge can be more better

2.Unbranded 250-Ft Electric Copper Wire 

Unbranded Romex SIMpull NM-B can be used for concealed and exposed work in dry locations at temperatures within 90 degrees. It has a 3-volt rating, 250 ft wire length, and 600 ground wire which is praiseworthy!

Furthermore, the quality of this Romex Wire is great for your ceiling or dining areas as well.

In addition, it has 3 color options as white for 14 gauge, yellow for 12 gauge and orange for 10 gauge. Purchase the one as per your need.


It’s good quality Romex wire with 3 color options

They can be installed pretty easily and can work at 90 degrees


The internal wires can be improved

3.Romex 250’ Roll

This amazing copper-made Romex 250’ Roll wire is everything you need for your home. It’s straightforward to pull through studs and conduits, which is the cherry on the top!

The high-quality material of this wire makes it less damaged for longer use purposes. You can also use them in your basement for extreme durability.

You’ll be glad to know that you can use them with around 15 AMP breakers. They’ll easily sneak behind your walls which makes it less noticeable.

Moreover, the jacket of this Romex wire is easy to strip when wiring connections that can be time-saving!


This Romex Wire pulls very easily through the studs

The high-quality material makes it more durable and reliable


The package box is a bit old fashioned

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is It Okay To Paint Romex?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to paint your Romex. Just make sure you got the airless sprayer and protection for yourself. And also, try to do the prep work carefully to have the best outcome.

Why is Romex So Expensive?

The price of Romex wire went up for the pandemic mostly. Building of the materials became expensive and tough, so it affected the prices also.

Can You Spray Paint A Wire?

Sure, you can do that. Try to purchase the best spray paint from the shop, and the results will be amazing. Also, you can wrap it in a conduit and then spray it for a better outcome.

Can I Run Romex In My Garage?

Romex is mainly found in the garage area most of the time as they’re easy and convenient. But be careful to cover them as an exposed wire can cause a fire hazard.

Can You Sleeve Romex In PVC?

Yes, you can. Run the Romex wire into the PVC and staple it within 12” so it can enter the sleeve properly. In fact, all the NM-B wires should be sleeved for the actual protection.

Can You Bury Romex?

You can bury Romex using PVC conduit. It should be buried at least 6 inches or more below the soil surface.

Can You Run Romex In Liquid Tight?

No, you shouldn’t run Romex or any electrical wires in liquid-tight. It can cause danger after some time! Try to run Romex wire in a dry place for its longevity.

Final Words

So, now, can you paint Romex wire? We hope the answer to your question will be clear now as you know about the process, equipment, and alternative ideas to paint them.

Again, the right steps will lead you to the perfect outcome of your painting session with an amazing result for sure. Instead of purchasing a new wire, try to cover them with paint sprayers and change the old-looking Romex wire with a new twist.

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