Top 8 Best Black Paint For Front Door In 2022:Great Reasons To Paint

The front door is an entryway to your home. The home you have worked very hard for day and night. You love it, as you should. The front door must represent that, as well as your personality and taste in decor. The front door must also accentuate the background and the foreground qualities found in the architecture. The front door with its accessories is guaranteed to make your home look expensive and lavish. It is a testament to your outclass sense of decorum. It is a bold choice to make a statement, to know you have arrived, and mark the territory as yours. 

The best black paint for front door is durable. It is resistant to weathering and corrosion and is manufactured to stay vibrant for years to come. Happy Painting!

Comparison Table Of Top 8 Black Paint For Front Door




Coverage/ Volume


Iron Gate by Heirloom Traditions

5 x 4.45 x 4.45 inches

3.25 pounds

140 sq. ft.


Giani Wood Look Paint Kit

7 x 3 x 11 inches

3.34 pounds

40 sq. ft.

Water-Based Acrylic

Diamond Brite Paint

6.5 x 7.5 x 6.5 inches

11 pounds

1 Gallon


Giani Wood Look Paint Kit

12 x 4.5 x 12 inches

8.67 pounds

180 square feet

Water-based Acrylic

Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Latex

8.75 x 4.5 x 5.13 inches

5.25 Pounds

236 ml.

Water-based acrylic

The ONE Paint

3.1 x 3 x 3 inches

14.4 ounces

0.25 Liters


Modern Masters Front Door Paint

3.5 x 3.5 x 6 inches

2.25 pounds

946 ml.


Rust-Oleum Door Paint

5 x 5 x 5 inches

2.4 pounds

1 Quart


Top 8 Black Paint For Your Front Door

Top Best Black Paint For Front door Reviews

1.Iron Gate by Heirloom Traditions

A little paint goes a long way. This all-in-one paint is not only easy to clean but also offers an intense black finish in just one swipe. The paint can transform the outside and inside of your house in easy steps.

The paint can be applied to front doors, tabletops, and other exterior surfaces as the paint feature a premium quality topcoat. The paint also applies well over numerous surfaces such as vinyl, leather, and smooth fabrics. The surface does not require any sanding or stripping. The paint offers a coverage area of 140 sq. ft.

The paints also work well over wood, Formica, ceramic, stone, glass, and plastic surfaces. The paint can also be applied to the fireplace to add home décor to the room. The paint is ever-lasting and resistant to chipping and weathering as a primer is included in the formula. The paint provides a matte sheen with smooth coverage. 


  • The paint is not wax-style paint.
  • The paint is a primer, topcoat, and wax built into it.
  • The paint is mostly used for restoring cabinetry surfaces.
  • This paint sticks to most surfaces.
  • The paint is oil and acrylic-based watercolor.
  • The sample is available in eight ounces for patch testing.

2.Giani Wood Look Paint Kit

This paint is designed to mimic the trees in North America. The paint’s hue is warm with its dark brown tones. The paint goes well with light to dark brick tones. The application is simple and ends with transforming into a smooth and raised and embossed surface in few hours. The kit contains all the necessary tools available for a professional application. The paint’s volume is sufficient for one side of the door and its sidelights.

No primer is required before application as the paint is specifically designed to gel with steel and wood surfaces. The paint provides maximum coverage in a single swipe. The engineered wood coat from Giani will complete by mimicking wood grains.

This is your chance to transform your front door into a beauty that will make you the talk of the social circle. The Giani black walnut look will completely transform your garage doors.


  • The paint adds an instant appeal to carpentry surfaces in less than four hours.
  • The paint can be used for exterior and indoor doors.
  • The application is an easy three-step process.
  • The paint complements satin nickel and polished brass.
  • The paint dries quickly and works well with aluminum and steel surfaces.

3.Diamond Brite Paint

The paint provides maximum coverage with its moisture-resistant and durable formula. Such a high gloss finish provides a reflective result designed to introduce shine to the finished outlook. The paint can be applied to furniture, cabinets, and antique accessories.

Diamond Paint will magnify the beauty on any surface. However, careful preparation of the surface underneath is required. Sanding is suggested to prime the surface of the gloss paint. The paints are manufactured in Columbus, Ohio, and are ISO9002 certified. 

The customer must stir the paint carefully under the right temperature. The paint will provide the best temperature when the surface temperature is 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. A second cost must not be applied unless the prior paint has completely dried. This will pill the paint and make it clump, which is a very unattractive look. Do not dispose-off the paint in drains. Care for your environment for a better future.


  • The paint works well on the exterior as well as interior surfaces.
  • The paints provide a high gloss shine to the surface.
  • The paint is manufactured for wood, metal, concrete, and brick surfaces.
  • The paint is long-lasting.
  • The paint can be applied with a brush, roll on, or an air spray.

4.Giani Wood Look Paint Kit

This paint is simply designed to inspire you. The Giani wood gallery will surely transform your boring garage doors into freshly grained wood. The paint is designed to emboss, smooth, and flatten the surface to provide a smooth finish.

The painting process may take up to three hours. The works best will steel and wooden surfaces. As there is no need for primer, you can save time and money. The unique formula of this paint contains a wooden toned base coat that provides maximum coverage without being a hassle. 

The warm tones will mimic North American wood without making it overpowering to the eyes. The tone of the paint offers a range of variety, including siding and stucco colors. The kit contains the paint and topcoat, paint mitt and brush, taps, roller arm, and stir sticks. The paint will take three hours to dry.


●The paint is manufactured in the USA.
●The paint is a water-based acrylic that helps it adhere to the surface.
●The paint can be applied with a two-step application.
●The paint is low in smell and VOCs.
●The paint is ever-lasting and resistant to weather.
●The paint provides coverage up to 180 square feet of surface area. 

5.Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Latex

The paint must be applied at a surface temperature of 10 to 32 degrees Celsius with a humidity content of 85%. The paint can be applied with a loose brush or a roll-on. However, a roller application is not recommended with this product. Begin with priming the surface with sandpaper. The correct sandpaper for primer application is 180 to 200 grit. Clean the surface of soap and water. It can also be washed with a degreaser for proper professional application. Rinse and let it dry.

Wear proper equipment because the scarping will release lead dust. Begin the painting job by stirring it thoroughly. Thinning is not required, but during warm temperature, the may be diluted with 2 ounces per water quart for it to dry correctly. The paint must not be applied with surfaces facing direct sunlight or a hot surface.


●The paint can be applied to a variety of indoor and outdoor.
●The paint works well on metal, plaster, wood, and unglazed ceramic surfaces.
●The paint is water-based acrylic.
●The paint is low odor.
●The paint is resistant to chipping with its long-lasting formula.
●The paint minimizes and absorbs imperfections underneath the surface.

6.The ONE Paint For Black Door

The paint does not require a primer that saves time and money on account of the customer. The paint is widely used for its smooth and near-perfect finish. The skipping of undercoating removes a complicated step. Yet, the paint offers a premium quality finish that you would not expect from any other painting product.

The paint offers excellent coverage in a single coat. The paint is designed to emit less harmful energy to the environment. The recent trend in sustainable paint products must always be appreciated and promoted. The paint can be applied to many surfaces, including metal, plastic, UPVC, brick, stone, and glass surfaces.

The paint is specifically designed to withstand severe weather situations such as hot and cold temperatures, rain, humidity, and moisture. This paint does not smell, which is a blessing for people with a sensitive sense of smell. A topcoat is recommended, but it is not necessary.


●This product is paint and primer in one.
●It applies smoothly without wasting extra time or money.
●The painter is popularly used by professionals and builders.
●The paint is water-based.
●The paint is low in VOC content.
●The paint is environmentally friendly and cleans up easily with a warm water solution.

7.Modern Masters Front Door Paint

The front door paint is a long-lasting and durable formula. It is manufactured with premium raw materials that transform any surface with luxury and elegance. The entire painting process takes a day to complete.

The non-fading formula is designed to preserve the color and finish under severe weather and remain vibrant and bright as the day it got painted. Two coats are recommended for the intended finish. The surfaced underneath must be sanded lightly. The customer can use a 3m pad and sand for several light coats.

The accomplished paint job will indeed have you receive endless compliments that mimic a professional job under budget. You can use artist number 8 filbert brush for touch up purposes. The roller will apply the paint smoothly and efficiently. A four-inch roller is recommended as the six-inch will make the job clumsy and provide an uneven finish.


●The paint accommodates well with metal and wood indoor and outdoor services.
●The paint contains a water-based formula.
●The paint job longs last and dry within an hour of application.
●The new, never fading technology maintains the fresh look of paint even after decades.
●The paint offers a smooth satin finish. 

8.Rust-Oleum Door Paint

This is one-swipe done—the paint offers intense coverage with its primer-and-paint hybrid that you would not need to go back to a second coat. The paint dries quickly so you can hinge the door and open and close it in no time.

The coat will provide a long-lasting and durable look to the front door. The paint will transform your front and garage door and will testify to the nature of the proper investment. Priming is not suggested. However, the paint will adhere faster and quicker to an already prepped surface. Warning! Do not use acetone to dilute the paint. Instead, use xylene to thin the epoxy. This will thin the paint down to five percent. 

Go any further, and the paint will crack and evaporate too quickly without staining the surface. This paint is stickier and hard to maintain due to oil-based content.


●The paint is weather-resistant.
●The paint is also resistant to corrosion.
●The paint is an oil-based formula and offers a low sheen finish.
●The paint provides a superb finish and refrains the surface from rusting in the future.
●The drying period is one to two hours.
●This best black paints for front door does not weather, chip, or fade.

How to Paint a Front Door Perfectly

Steps by steps guide

  • Begin with choosing the color you intend to paint. The color can be neutral or carry a contrasting hue. Do a patch test to figure out which color appeals most to you.
  • Remove the door off its hinges and begin to prep. You may rape the knobs and sides, but that is not recommended.
  • Prep the door using a palm sander to even the surface and flatten any imperfections. This will help the primer stick to the surface as well as the trim. Dust can be removed with a swiping motion by a rag.
  • Applying primer can be tricky. This will minimize your need to paint.
  • A white primer will make the actual paint more vibrant and appealing.
  • The trim and inset must be painted first, so there are no drips. Use a paintbrush to reach the challenging corners. Lay an even base down.
  • Using a four-inch roller with a shallow try, pour paint onto it. Collect the paint onto the roller for a smoother and consistent application on the flat surface. Paint the edges of the roller as well to match the paint job done earlier.
  • Using a paintbrush again, apply a second coat using a stippling motion. The paintbrush will even out streaks left by the roll-on. The paintbrush will even the paint job.
  • Leave the door for at least a day to dry cure. Mount it.

06 Great Reasons to Paint Your Door Black

1.The black door accentuates every accent. The color looks beautiful with natural wood and shades of grey and white. It also looks appealing with stone and masonry, and brick color shades. Almost everything looks good in black!

2.The brass hardware is guaranteed to make the black door look expensive and elegant. The hardware stands on its own by appealing to the human eye. This also makes the door look fresh and updated.

3.Real estate research shows that the houses with black doors sell more expensively. The black front door raises the selling value by $6,000 easily. This would be a wise investment. 

4.Black doors also look appealing to the sidelights. The sidelights may be painted black or a color that complements black. A black double door in the entryway is a dream that most homeowners aspire to achieve. 

5.The black paint also looks intricate without putting in much effort. It is simple and stands out in a sea of numerous shapes and sizes of front doors. A black door is an easy pick without straining your transformation budget. 

6.The black door represents water in Feng Shui. It is a great color choice for a north-facing front door. This will guarantee welcoming strength and power inside the house. 

5 Gorgeous Dark Front Door Colors That Will Convince You to Go Bold

1.Dark gray front doors exude timelessness and sophistication. These doors sway more towards traditionally designed houses with brass accents and handles. The door represents the richness of a personality. 

2.The Indigo front door is guaranteed to stand out with a complete white exterior. It is the most forgiving shade of blue that complements the classical exterior, including glass panes and moldings. 

3.Dark-stained decorative doors are beneficial when it comes to staining colorful paint. It will complement the carved deal that allows the natural beauty to surface. 

4.A maroon red door does not go unnoticed. It is the perfect color to tone down a somewhat lavish exterior. It can be achieved by a white trim around garage doors and windows. 

5.A slate blue front door streamlines the entire silhouette of the house with the color palette of grey and blue. The natural hue in the color selection mellows the surrounding's harshness, so the door is the focal point. 

Do’s and Dont’s for Painting Your Doors Black

  • Paint your hallway door black if your hardwood is in a light shade.
  • Do add contrast to a black décor. Use crisp white chairs and a white tileset.
  • Do paint the door black to conceal cracks or imperfections appearing over time.
  • Do paint the door black to accentuate the foreground of the house.
  • Do paint the door black to clarify your house as the only destination.
  • Do not be afraid to color the door black if you think it will work best.
  • Do not introduce too much black. We do not want the house to represent a black hole!
  • Limit the color back and offset it by introducing natural light.

Frequently asked questions: 

What Are The Best Paint Colors for Your Front Door?

The best colors for the front door include indigo, slate blue, black, maroon, and slate gray.

Is black a good color for a front door?

Black represents water. Color the front door black to create protective and trustworthy energy around your house. 

What is the best paint for the exterior front door?

The best paint for the exterior front door is by Rust-Oleum that is available in numerous colors. 

What kind of paint do you use on a front door?

The most common is acrylic and latex-based color with a limited gloss finish.

What does it mean when you paint your front door black?

Black color represents order and control. It will mirror the sophistication and the authority of household residents. 

Do you think a black front door is welcoming?

Yes, it's a classic color for the exterior of homes.
No, I think that dark colors make houses look closed off and unwelcoming.

What is the best way to paint a front door without removing it?

Use a brush and roller for large surfaces
Use a spray gun for small, detailed areas
Remove the door


Black is the most intimidating color to exist. Apply a limited amount, and it is not enough. Apply too much, and it becomes overbearing and ruins the look of the room. Work carefully with this daunting color by consulting a professional or grab samples and experience the color for yourself. 

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