Top 10 Best Metallic Paint For Walls In 2022:Reviews & Buying Guide

Are the present walls starting to bore you? Are you having difficulty pulling the room together? A metallic or glitter finish paint is most likely to bring the room together and add a little sparker to your life. The glitter particles will absorb and reflect the light spontaneously to deliver a unique pattern each time. You will surely be mesmerized by the finish. The Best metallic paints may also be applied to furniture or trims to match the walls or introduce cohesion to your room. Paint the room with mesmerizing glitter finishes and invite over guests to flaunt your artistic pallet.

Comparison Table of Top 10 Metallic Paint for Walls






Modern Masters ME150

3.5 x 3.5 x 6 inches

2.3 pounds

32 oz.


Rust-Oleum Metallic Accents Paint

3.8 x 3.8 x 6 inches

2.35 pounds



Premium Metallic Acrylic Paint Set by individual

5 x 4 x 1.25 inches

7.2 ounces

8X 0.7oz fl. 20ml

Acrylic paints

Reactive Metallic Paint

2.5 x 2.5 x 6 inches

1.3 pounds

16 oz.


Modern Masters MM20606 Collection Metallic Paint

2 x 2 x 3.5 inches

7.8 ounces

6 oz.


Rust-Oleum Hammered Metal Finish

4.25 x 4.25 x 4.75 inches

2.2 pounds



Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Latex

8.75 x 4.5 x 5.13 inches

5.25 Pounds



Rust-Oleum Glitter Interior Wall Paint

4.3 x 4.3 x 4.9 inches

2.5 pounds



Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint

4.25 x 4.25 x 4.75 inches

3.17 ounces

30 oz.

Chalk Paint


6.75 x 6.75 x 8 inches

9.95 pounds



Here Are Top 10 Metallic Paint For Your Walls

Top 10 Best Metallic Paint For Walls Reviews

1. Modern Masters ME150 Metallic Silver 

This paint arrives with an outstanding decorative finish that can be used on numerous services. It can be painted on accent pieces to huge architectural designs. The paint carries a long period when put to commercial usage. However, the instructions are easy to follow. The application method is simple.

This paint comes with a water-based formula that carries pearlescent and non-pearlescent pigments in a variety of colors so your creativity can flow freely. This paint does not tarnish. It is available in shimmer finishes as well. This metallic option in this paint comes in three varieties.

These are opaque, sheer, and semi-opaque finishes. Opaque provides high coverage capacity with two coats, as suggested by the name.  Semi-opaque covers the surface underneath well, and three coats are suggested to get the job done. The sheer option provides see-through overcoats that can be applied over traditional paints.

Features & Specifications:

  • This metallic paint can be applied to lamps, trim, furniture, and ceilings.
  • This is a household interior paint solvent that comes with a variety of finishes.
  • You can eliminate the hassle of toxic products due to attractive finishes on spacious surfaces.
  • The paint contains actual me pearl pigments with real metal particles for the beautiful finish.

2. Rust-Oleum Metallic Accents Paint

This accent paint is guaranteed to provide a metallic finish to your furniture and more. The quick and easy application delivers a beautiful shimmer finish that is modern in style and elegant in its own attribute. The intended surface can be completely coated with two coats to deliver its maximum shine and effect. Start with light coats, so the surface has time to adjust to the paint.

Harsh brush strokes are never a refined look. The paint does dry fast, so do a quick job on the coating. Be sure to use a primer underneath the paint before starting on your project. This paint can be applied to vanities to beautify trims and outlook, so it looks expensive. It is also worth the price and saves money, rather than hiring a professional who will charge you tenfold for the same job.

Features & Specifications:

  • This paint finishes with a rich hue and luminous finish to complement the lights in the room.
  • This paint can be applied with a simple one-step application.
  • The paint dries in less than thirty minutes and is designed to cover 105 square feet.
  • The paint is based on a water-based formula with added mica beads for the metallic finish.

3. Premium Metallic Acrylic Paint Set by individual

This paint of acrylic sets is manufactured in Germany and released after rigorous testing for quality assurance and safety. These paints ensure the highest quality with a premium and bright and finish. The colors mix well together and last for a long time. This product arrives in a set of eight with vibrant red, silver, bronze, and blue, and many other colors for your artistic needs.

The colors stand out individually as well as when used together. The manufacturer has blended unique quality metal pigments to bring vibrancy into the colors. The colors can be applied to metal, plastics, fabric, and canvas paper. Least to say, this product is not surface-shy. The quality assurance ensures quality product throughout the time customer uses it. It is suggested that the customer stirs the product before use.

Features & Specifications:

  • This product is guaranteed to assist professionals as well as amateurs in assisting in professional projects.
  • The metallic colors can be used outside and inside.
  • The product is designed to promote creativity and collaborative team efforts among children as well as adults.

4.Modern Masters Reactive Metallic Paint

This product arrives in two sizes. The 16 oz. option helps cover 25 square feet with two coats that have been evenly applied. The gallon version helps cover 400 square with one coat. Respectively, it will cover half the surface with two coats.

 The product applies heavenly on plastic and metal services. The paint also is applied to the tin ceiling results in a captivating rustic view. The result of this paint is the same as a locally purchased paint. However, you will not experience the same results from substitute paint.

 It provides outstanding results without being a hassle to work with. The paint also works very well as a patina brand of paints and other homemade patina liquid. If the customer wants to go beyond the creative outlet, it is suggested that an aging solution be added to the paint and respectively allowed to wooden carvings.


●The formula is based on solvent household paints.
●The formula carries real metal particles that have an oxidized metal finish.
●This paint is well-fitted for exterior and interior use.
●The metal particles in the formula will stop the paint from tarnishing over time.
●The paint is well-used to create an authentic real-looking iron finish.

5.Modern Masters MM20606 Collection Metallic Paint

This metallic paint by Modern masters is set to deliver the best results when applied to numerous services. This paint can be applied to larger surfaces and smaller accents to accentuate the complete look of the surface or object.

 It is simple to use with its do-it-yourself approach and saves money from hiring a professional. This product contains a water-based formula that is filled with pearlescent pigments to deliver an eye-catching result. The metal particles in the formula will stop the paint from tarnishing over time.

 The available matte option gives a flatter finish while the shimmer carries more sheen. The paint can be applied to any interior surface without a hassle. The intention of this paint is to draw attention to your room. It is a conversation started and a testament to your artistic skills.


●The metallic paint can be easily applied to walls, trim, furniture, and more.
●It is a water-based formula.
●The paint does not emit a strong odor.
●The paint dries in less than 30 minutes and covers an area of 18 square feet.
●The metallic particles will refrain the color from fading or weathering.

6.Rust-Oleum Hammered Metal Finish

The hammered metal finish is designed to hide the flaws of the surfaces underneath and imperfections such as rusted and pitted metals. Two metals are suggested to get the job done and to bring forward the intended result of the paint.

No primers are needed for this paint, so that saves money and time. The paint applies directly over rust and works beautifully over masonry and wood surfaces. It applies to wheelbarrows, wheel rims, and lighting fixtures to bring them back to life with a beautiful shine that will last a long time. It is designed to work over latex, too.

 The latex underneath must be free of grease, dust, and moisture. A period of thirty days is required to fully dry. This best paint for walls is top-rated among contractors due to its appropriate viscosity and high-shine finish. The outcome breathes life into dusted household objects.


●This paint is resistant to weather and corrosion over time.
●This paint can be applied to exterior and interior services.
●The paint works well with metal, wood, and masonry services.
●The paint dries in two to four hours and covers an area of 100 square feet.
●The paint is extremely resistant to chipping and fading. 

7.Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Latex

This is one of the many paint varieties available by Rust-Oleum. Its shine and gloss finish is captivating to the eye. The latex paint does not emit a strong odor. The paint is resistant to chipping and guarantees to provide long-lasting results. The paint can be applied to a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces.

The product is glossy as advertised and an inexpensive alternative to get the job done. It is suggested that before using the product, the surface must be scratched with 180/200 sandpaper. The surface must then be washed with a degreaser. The customer or professional must leave the paint to dry before applying the paint.

The paint requires a couple of coats for a good result. For maximum results, the customer must follow the proper priming stage process. The latex paint may hold to even the slightest imperfections to sanding will flatten the surface before application.


●The paint can be used on outdoor and indoor surfaces.
●It is a water-based formula.
●The paint applies to wood, metal, plaster, and unglazed ceramic surfaces.
●The paint covers 120 square feet and tried in less than 20 minutes.
●The product is intended to smooth surfaces and minimize imperfections to provide an excellent finish.

8.Rust-Oleum Glitter Interior Wall Paint

The interior glitter paint is designed to protect the surface from flakes while providing an attractive sparkle over a lengthy time period. The pearlescent finish adds to the elegance of any latex-based glossy painting. This paint can be applied to drywall, wood, metal, and plastic surfaces. It can also be applied to furniture and hardboard.

The glitter in the paint is not easily scratched. It does not rub off and is easy to cover with paint or primer when the customer decides it’s time for a change. The glitter must be applied when the room temperature is between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Two to four coats are recommended. Customers can use a brush to dab the paint around harsh edges. To ensure that the paint dries correctly, maintain the humidity of the space at 85%. Stir the paint before and during usage to maintain consistency.


●The paint is easy to apply with a brush, spray, or roller.
●The paint can be applied to numerous interior surfaces.
●This is a water-based formula that will add shimmer with a multi-dimensional result.
●Flashpoint is less than 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
●The paint dries in under an hour and covers 30 square feet per quart.

9.Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint

The product is intended to liven up your décor upon use. The matte and chalky finish can be applied to numerous surfaces to provide an authentic appearance. The paint is available in multiple trendy colors so customers can easily attain the intended finished look.

The paints in different colors can be layered upon each other to create fun and different designs. A top coat above the paints will seal in your efforts to provide a long-lasting result. The paint offers superior coverage under budget. The paint is easy to apply and is equally popular among average customers and professionals.

 The paint is for interior surface use only. The user must wait two hours before applying the paint in case a primer is used. The pigment must be dispersed evenly, so the paint does not clump. The waiting time between coats is at least two hours.


●The paint is easily applicable to wood, metal, canvas, and ceramic surfaces.
●The paint can be distressed to create a vintage-dated look.
●The paint does not carry a pungent smell.
●The latex formula allows for ease of cleaning using soap and water.
●The paint dries in less than 30 minutes and covers 150 square feet. 

10. MODERN MASTERS GAL Metallic Paint

The satin finish of this paint is sure to catch the eye of guests. This metallic paint for Walls’s brilliant finish complements all surfaces. It will brighten the room and make it look spacious than it actually is. This paint can be applied to any surface, regardless of the size. The paint is manufactured with pearlescent and metal pigments that will refrain the paint from chipping and fading over time.

The finish provides a beautiful sheen that will outshine any flat surface. The intended semi-opaque finish with a satin attribute will give an expensive finish and look to the surface.

 The manufactured gloss of paint carries opacity that covers the surfaces entirely and effectively. The paint holds a water-based formula that is easy to manage. The paint is easy to apply, and two coats are preferred to set the paint in place and provide a beautiful sheen.


●The paint is most suitable for surfaces such as walls, furniture, ceilings, and trim
●The formula of this paint carries low VOC content and a low odor.
●The paint dries entirely in less than 30 minutes.
●It can also cover 400 square feet of area.
●The formula of the paint is manufactured with metal particles that will not let the paint weather.

How to use metallic paint on walls? 

●The intended wall must be washed with a mild soap solution and left to dry completely.

●The wall outlets must be removed.

●Light switches must be covered without removing the screws.

●Apply tape to wherever you do not intend to paint.

●Cover the floor with tarps and nearby furniture with sheets.

●After making sure you have enough paint, stir it to maximize consistency. One gallon of paint is appropriate to cover 200 square feet with two coats.

●Consider using a 3/8th inch nap roller for application.

●Start from the corner and move downwards in a V direction. Finish with cross-diagonal strokes.

●Using a small sponge, dab the metallic paint cautiously around the edges. This will make sure that paint is consistently applied on the surface as well as the corners.

●To apply the second coat, use a faux finish sponge to create dimensions on the surface. This will allow the metallic paint to attract and reflect light.●Use a sweeping downward motion and then dab on the edges to complete the look.

●You are almost done! Brush the trim evenly in one direction if it is part of the project. You must let it dry over a significant amount of time as per product directions provided on the packaging

Frequently asked questions:

How do you get a metallic finish on walls?

Begin applying metal glaze to them all with the basecoat of latex paint that complements the glaze. Let the paint dry completely for the metallic finish.

How do you paint interior walls with metallic paint?

Begin with priming the walls with a latex basecoat. Tape the areas where paint shouldn’t transfer and cover all outlets. Use two coats of metal glaze paint for the finish.

What is the difference between metallic paint and normal paint?

Metallic paints shine brighter and carry aluminum powder in their formulae, making them different from solids.

What is the best metallic acrylic paint?

Arteza Metallic Acrylic Paint, Winsor & Newton Reeves Acrylic Metallic Set, and Shuttle Art Metallic Acrylic Paint Set are the best acrylic paints.

Can I use these paints on brass or plastic?

Most metallic paints that apply to brass and plastic come in spray form. Do research before purchasing the paint.

What are some of the best ways to make metallic paint look?

Paint a thin layer of white or light color over it first for a base
Shake it up really good before applying
 Apply multiple coats for more intense colors

What is the advantage of metallic paint on cars?

It looks cool and expensive.
Metallic paint hides scratches better than other types of paints.
t lasts longer than regular paint, so your car will stay looking great for years to come.


Glitter and metals in paints may seem daunting. Still, the manufacturers ensure they are easy to apply so you can mimic professionalism at home with a few brush strokes. You may do a patch test with a few options so you can pick the correct color and finish at one go. That’s the trick of this trade!

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